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You want to give your pet the best life.

We do too.


We'll let you know when we've arrived so you know your pets are cared for.


All employees are background checked and pet first aid certified.


Employees undergo thorough training and read our detailed handbook.


All your notes will be shared as needed, so you don't need to write notes twice.

You'll be up-to-date on your pet's care.
We make it excellent.

We don't just walk your dog or feed your cat willy-nilly; we keep extremely detailed notes & preferences for each pet and household. If you tell us once, you'll never need to mention it again.

Our photo updates are also a much loved perk of the service, and we pride ourselves on frame-worthy pics.

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Why choose trained employees?

Because they know what they're doing, and they genuinely want to care for your animals. This isn't a weekend side-gig for extra money.

We thoroughly vet all of our employees.
They care about your pet's care.
They will always provide the same standard of care.

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We’ve hired dog walkers before but these guys are truly the best! Excellent communication, ease of scheduling, thorough visits and attention to detail, patient, kind and attentive and always go above and beyond. We are so happy to have caretakers that we trust with our fur babies. Invaluable to have peace of mind while we are away or even just out for the day.

Joelle Frasca

I absolutely love Sugarhouse pet care!! They take amazing care of my fur babies. They send me the cutest reports with photos of how their visit went. It gives me peace of mind to know that someone who loves my pets as much as I do is giving them what they need while I’m at work.

Morgan Rowley

As a veterinarian, I am truly amazed by Sugar House Pet Care. Gabi and her team are so incredibly responsible, accommodating and organized - true professional animal lovers.
I really can't give them enough praise. Early on, I mentioned in passing to Gabi that my dog's wrist very intermittently becomes slightly swollen due to low grade arthritis. Close to half a year later, another team member who had recently started walking my dog reported to me that her wrist didn't seem to be bothering her that day. This is only a small example that illustrates how well this team communicates and how much attention they pay to details, especially those that involve your pet's health and well being.


Sugar House Pet Care has been an absolute godsend. Their visits are not just the highlight of my dog Bailey’s day—they’re also the highlight of mine! The photos I get from their dog walkers are ADORABLE—seriously, are they all professionally trained dog-tographers? And their write ups of the walks always have fun details and bring a smile to my face.

Anna Gohmann

Give your pets the care they deserve.

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