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what precautions are we taking in regards to covid-19?

Safety is of paramount importance to us. All of our employees are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.If you would like us to wear a mask while inside your home, let us know! All employees keep their managers updated on any sickness they experience and adjust schedules accordingly.
We kindly ask all of our customers to wear masks when we arrive if they are not vaccinated.

which vaccinations do we require your pets have?

We've consulted with veterinarian customers who have advised us that vaccinations will help keep animals safe. We're kind of obsessed with keeping animals safe, so we do require the following:
For cats: Rabies
For dogs: Rabies and DHPP
If your dog is joining us on a hike or if you'd like us to take them to a dog park, we also require Bordetella.
PS: You can usually call your veterinarian and ask for your pets' vaccinations to be emailed to us at

what's the cancellation policy?

We know. Cancellation policies are the worst. But, like your doctor's office, hair stylist, or your favorite hotel, we schedule time for you and have our employees block out their time. By hiring employees, not contractors, we're able to provide you with consistent, excellent quality; but because they're employees, they rely on us for a paycheck, so we need to pay them for the time they block out. All that said, here's our policy:

Any charges due to canceling within the below windows are not eligible to be refunded and the Service(s) can not be skipped, moved, or rescheduled.

For Single Visits:
Please make any cancellations by 6:00 PM MST the day prior to any service to avoid being charged in full.

For Vacation Care:
Please make any cancellations 48 hours prior to your first Vacation Care visit to avoid being charged half of the Vacation Care cost.

are there any fees?

For Services booked with less than 72 hours notice, a $20 fee will be applied.

All Services on holidays will have a $15 fee applied.
Holidays are: July Fourth, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day

do tips go to the employees?

Yes - 100% of your tips go to the employees who cared for your pets. If you'd like your tip distributed to a specific employee, just let us know! Thank you in advance for leaving your Animal Specialist a tip!

when are payments due?

Invoices are due each Monday for the previous Monday-Sunday. So for example, all services booked Monday Sept. 13 through Sunday Sept. 19 are due on Monday Sept. 20. Any invoices not paid within 48 hours (Wednesday Sept. 22 in this example) at 5 PM will be charged to the card on file with a $10 late fee and the default auto tip of 15%.

We strongly recommend auto pay, so that you don't risk accruing late fees.

do we offer auto pay?

Yes! If you choose to opt-in to auto pay, payments are processed on the card saved on your account each Monday for the previous Monday-Sunday.

With auto pay, you can increase or decrease your weekly auto tip percentage; the default is set at 15%. If you'd like to make a change, simply contact us.

If the default card on your account fails, we will try up to 2 additional cards on file. If we are unable to process payment completely, your invoice will accrue a $10 fee and will be due within 7 days.

what methods of payment do we accept?

Credit/Debit Processing

We no longer accept Venmo, cash, or checks.

can I just leave my door unlocked for my pet's visit?

Please don't! Our employees safety isn't negotiable, so we won't enter any home that is left unlocked.
To give us access to your dwelling, please choose from one of these options:
- put your door code in your profile (free!)
- leave us a hidden key under a mat or in a lockbox at your property (free!)
- leave your key with your apartment front desk (free!)
- have us store your key in our secure and locked space (free!)
- have us pick up and drop off your key to and from you ($15)

my dog is nervous/aggressive towards strangers...

Unfortunately we are not equipped to work with aggressive dogs yet. If your pup is nervous with strangers, we strongly encourage you book an in-person meet+greet with one of our employees.

what's the deal with our off-leash group hikes?

We're tired of collecting other companies' lost dogs during hikes and returning them home. When other dog hikers take 4-8-12 or more dogs, it's impossible to safely care for them all. Not only is the hike dangerous, but we've seen people cram 8 dogs into a small car and drive away with a dog in the drivers seat, so the hiker was barely able to reach the steering wheel. We're sick of this, so:

We only take 2 customer pups per employee.
Why is this important?

1. We don't have to pick up a 3rd pup, so no 2 pups are ever left alone in the car together.
2. Both pups can safely wear a seatbelt and have plenty of space in the car.
3. We don't have to divide our attention between many pups during the hike!

do we offer daycare or boarding?

Not yet, but our Pet Hotel will be opening in 2022! Help us get there by telling all your family and friends about us!

which vet clinics do we recommend?

Salt Lake City, UT: Sugar House Veterinary Hospital & BluePearl (ER) & MedVet (ER)
Park City, UT: Silver Creek Animal Clinic

what are we doing to give back?

Giving back and doing good for the world is part of why we started this, second only to providing pets with the best care. We're still relatively small, but as we grow, check out our plans for doing good in the world. Currently, we:
- donate monthly to the Walking Wild Rescue
- serve on the board of Girls on the Run
- pay our employees out of pocket to rescue any dogs that aren't with an owner, during their shifts

what do we look for when hiring?

All employees are first and foremost, serious animal lovers. We're talking completely obsessed animal advocates who have to greet every dog they pass on the street, who end up talking to dogs at parties more than people, who volunteer at shelters, who foster kittens, and who truly want to make the lives of animals better.

Employees have experience with animals, are completely comfortable with them, and are excited to learn more about their behavior.

Being very detail-oriented, having a generally positive attitude, and showing extremely reliability are a must.

All employees must also be over 18, have a reliable car and phone, be able to lift 50 lbs, and be able to walk many miles per day.

are employees background checked?


can I meet the employees who will be caring for my pets?

‍Yes! You are welcome to schedule an Additional 30 Minute Meet+Greet in which an employee will come to your home and meet you and your pets (this is $22.)

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