Why choose Sugar House Pets?

The honest answer: we are a team of people who want to care for and be around animals for a living. To quote one of our pet specialists: "I'd rather have animals for co-workers. It's the best arrangement I can think of in any job."

This company was founded upon one central ideal that we will never deviate from: Give all animals the care they deserve. We want to be your pets' 2nd best friends (after you of course.) Let us help you to give them the life you want for them!

We don't petsit. We make friends.

It's unavoidable that you will have to be away from your furry friends from time to time; what you can choose is who cares for them when you aren't able to.

There are many options for pet care nowadays, and many of them will do the job, but not all will bond with your beloved pet—love them as you do in your absence.

You will always be your pets' pack, litter, and parents. We would love to be their uncles, aunts, and buddies.

Give your pets the care they deserve.

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